Saturday, 24 April 2010


What a lovely few days it has been weatherwise and what a gorgeous day in particular today. I have spent some time in the garden today escaping for an hour or so from cleaning the kitchen. Correction I am spring cleaning and it is taking a little while, but hey ho we will get there. I have planted some more seeds namely some pattypan squash and some kidney beans. No doubt will plant some more tomorrow.

The cherry blossom is out in force, as is the apple blossom together with violets and Dandelion's. A few years ago we bought a Stella Cherry; it was meant to be a dwarf tree. Lets say I get a crick in the back of my neck looking up at it these days. We also have two ballerina apple trees, they also have grown a little taller than were anticipated. I am hoping we get some fruit off them this year; last year wasn't very good for them it was their rest year. Well Dandelions they have their place too. Its just lovely to see all the blossoms out. It really makes for quite a pretty sight. It cheers the soul. Me I am thinking will I get any cherries this year and beat the birds! I hope so.

The Dandelions, I am thinking of trying a recipe I saw on the Edible Garden programme the other week. Dandelion fritters. So they too have a use.

Take care catch you all again soon.

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  1. It's been beautiful recently hasn't it? My fruit trees are all very late this year, the plum has flowered in the last couple of days after I'd given up hope and the pears are just showing signs but the apples are still thinking about it. Everything seems to be coming at once now though so they shouldn't be long. Late blossom gives a better chance of a good fruit crop anyway, more bees and less frost hopefully.


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