Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dreams (No not the Bed Company)

Do you dream and can you remember what you have dreamed of the following morning? As a child I used to dream a lot and if I was upset about anything it used to come out in my sleep. So much so when my Dad went away for a 13 week stint to train for a new job in Basingstoke (Dad was away Sunday to Thursday night) I pined for him and would not settle and became a prolific sleep walker and frequently during this period started screaming my head off in my sleep. My poor mother went through hell and back with me, (and she had my young brother to cope with as well) but every Friday Night and every night Dad was home I setled and there were no problems until he left the house again.

As an adult, when I am upset about things it tends to come out in my sleep. I have been known to have a nightmare (when at home in a single bed) I was dreaming that somebody was throttling me and I was really involved in my dream. So much so I screamed out in terror at about 2 or 3 a.m. and had the whole family congregated in my bedroom including the dog trying to find out what on earth was going on and to make sure that I was okay. What in fact had happened was I had got the sheet wrapped around my neck and as I had turned myself upside down in the bed, the sheet had twisted and was throttling me and I couldn't get out of the bed. It was pure chance that I was dreaming of being throttled as well. Well I couldn't get out the bed and free myself because the sheets were tucked in and my head was where my feet should have been.

Notwithstanding that not all my dreams are violent ones. Sometimes I dream and things actually come true. They are more like pre-cognitive dreams; I am usually given information about an event or something that is yet to happen. I get about a 6 month notice period, and then around the end of the 6 month period the event acutally comes true. This has happened to me since I was a child. In our family it is known as the early warning system; seems to be a thing with members of my family not everyone has the ability but a couple of us do have. Its the same when someone is ill I usually know whether or not we need to go to them or not.

Saying that Dreams do not harm you and for the best part they are a pleasant experience. Some people know that they dream and unfortunately cannot remember what they dreamt about. It is usually remembered by a trigger point, and then the whole story comes into the conscious memory. This leaves people with a sense of Dejavue. But you can train yourself to remember. If you are prone to dreaming keep a pad by your bedside and then as you come round of a morning write down anything that comes into your conscious no matter how silly it is. That silly information could be important and it is best to record as it is experienced. It is interesting to look back and see if there are any patterns developing. Alternatively write the information down and put it into a sealed envelope with a 6 month file forward date on the outside of the envelope. Then open in 6 months. If no event has occured you can always pop it into a fresh envelope with a new file forward date on it.

When I dream I am usually a bystander being privy to watching everything that is going on, but not the actual person; its as though I am given an overview of everything that is yet to take place without being involved, and yet it puts me in a position of being able to help those affected because of receiving prior notice. We all have dreams like this and some of us are better at interpreting and reacting to them than others, but that all comes with practice. It is nothing to be worried about just something that happens when we are fast asleep.

Our Dreams are our Dreams they are ours to hold, but no one elses' to break and our dreams they give us hope, hope that maybe one day our innermost dreams will come true or that we will achieve those things we hold most dear. They vary from person to person.

Sweet Dreams


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  1. Dreams are very important to me. My husband, unfortunately rarely remembers his and when he does, they're usually about work! But I have always had vivid dreams, since childhood and I still remember one I had in my crib! I have had dejavue several times in my lifetime but none in the last few years...I don't know why. But my dejavue dreams (I know that trigger moment all too well!) are just silly situations. I always think that it will be something important or life changing, but they're not...but they do play themselves out, exactly how I dreamt them. Over the years, I've done very well at deciphering my dreams and my families. My daughter experiences dejavue also. Sorry, long comment, I could go on and on about my dreams...I loved your post, hope you're well!


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