Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Early Start

Early start for me today - I am not normally around at this time of the morning. Perhaps an hour and a half later but not normally 6.00 a.m. I am an owl and I usually wake up when it is time for bed, but if I had stayed in bed this morning no way would I get to work I would end up falling back asleep again. So as the saying goes prevention is better than cure.

Its quiet apart from the sound of birdsong, traffic has not got into gear yet - which is nice. Its mornings like this when I wish I was in the countryside, listening to nature waking up and the full morning chorus, so much more peaceful and tranquil. I have just had my breakfast and I have a very fussy cat itching to get into my cereal bowl, which is a no no, but still she tries. Squeak my tabby is very much a mum's girl and at the moment is very muh in fuss mode, trouble is when she is like this she is like a rash all over you and you just cannot shift her until she has had her quota of attention.

Missy has gone with OH en route to spend time with his daughter and Gnasher and Booner, so no doubt she will be on the go all day. I am about just to go and do my hair get it all nice and clean again and get myself smartened up for work.

Hope you all have a good day wherever you are




  1. I did the opposite today (very unusual), I slept in! With Daniel on spring break, I thought I'd treat myself as a disgruntled husband was up at his usual 5:30, stumbling around in the dark, trying to wake up! Any link to your 'dream' in Cornwall yet? Have a wonderful day...

  2. No link a property I saw a few years ago when we were last down there. Its something to aspire to and something to hold onto when everything else is disappearing at a fast rate of knots. It really is a dream but then again strange things happen. Full of potential but sadly not for sale yet. Maybe one day

    Take care



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