Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Edible Garden

I was out last evening but on my return OH indicated that he had seen a very good new programme on BBC called the Edible Garden. He indicated that the presenter had grown pea shoots for use in salads without buying special seed and using dried peas from the pantry and that she had also packed a lot of vegetables into the garden as well as flowers and had quite a return for the size of garden she had. She also had acquired a couple of point of lay chickens and within a couple of weeks was getting a couple of eggs a day and every other day a double yolker from one of the chickens. As OH spoke so highly of the programme I decided to view it on catch up and I am glad I did.

The programme is presented by Alys Fowler, one of the Gardeners World presenters, this being her first solo programme. There are six episodes. Her aim is to produce as much as she can out of her small terraced back garden and be on the road to self-sufficiency without forever being reliant on what the supermarket can provide, but in a low impact pretty and simplified way of growing things, and referring to different methods of sustaining low impact gardening. Its about making a conscious decision and taking responsibility and taking control of a situation that most of us are in i.e. at the mercy of the supermarkets. We can make a difference even just by growing a little bit. If you end up with a glut of things then it can be stored for later on in the year by various methods. A little cooking was involved and falafel balls made from broad beans and peetini a gin based pea shoot alcoholic drink were proffered as recipes.

The first programme predomimantly covered Peas and Beans and was on last night at 8.00 p.m. The next programme is scheduled for the 14th April at 8.00 p.m. and will be dealing with salad crops.

During the course of the programme reference is made to the BBC Website at There is also a diary planner with suggestions of what you should start growing now, for different areas of the garden.

As I had enjoyed the programme I logged in and under the Dig in Section there is an offer on for 5 packets of seed, the BBC being particularly interested in new gardeners and those who have had a go before. It looks like a very good site so may be worth a look by people living in the UK.

You might also like to pop into your nearest branch of Lakeland as on their gardening catalogue this year they are offering a packet of mixed salad leaves for nothing to grow at home. To me salads are well worth growing as to buy them is so expensive and at least this way round you can choose whether you are going to do little trays of mixed lettuce leaves or bigger garden planters of pick and come again mixed leaves that will do you good as they can come no fresher than being picked straight from the garden, and then straight to the plate.

Well worth a look



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