Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Meditation and My Day

Its been a long day and I am very tired after the early start this morning. One advantage of getting up early was that I was organised and not in a rush so I intend to do the same again tomorrow morning, which in turn means an earlier night for me as have to walk into work and back again and am out tomorrow night. However I did managed to do a half hour meditation this morning which helped me feel a little more positive than I have been of late. I listened to the Angel Medicine DVD by Doreen Virtue. Its very soothing and just helps still and calm the active mind and puts you in a slightly altered state. Its a bolt hole for me when there are lots of thoughts buzzing round and round and not giving me much peace.

I also like the Doreen Virtue cards as well the art work on them is absolutely gorgeous. William Rand is also good for a guided meditation. Meditation is mind awake body asleep and you can do meditation without sitting down. Its called spot meditation and it usually involves concentrating on a particular job like doing the ironing and watching the iron glide backward and forward, time slows down. It can be done with any repetitive job - brushing your shoes is another good one and if you get lots of thoughts crowding you out just name them to make them go away without getting distracted by anything else. More difficult than it sounds.

I was taught to read the cards by throwing the instruction book away and by shuffling the cards yourself or if attempting a reading for someone else getting them to shuffle the cards for you. Then pick a number of cards - let your inner voice dictate how many - it varies - but I tend to use five cards. If a quick reading 3 cards. Then work with the cards and the feelings you get about your sitter. Go on have a go its not difficult. I am also learning Tarot, but I don't like the Rider Waite pack at all - just a pack I cannot work with.

Most people don't appreciate that for the best part we don't use our breathing apparatus properly. Meditation is good for starting to put that right as we slow our breathing down and hold the breath expanding the lungs on the inhale and slowly release on the exhale. The cards and the meditations are tools in our work box. Each of us is very different and so likewise we have different tools. My arsenal currently consists of Angel Cards and other variants on this theme, and Reiki.

Its been busy at work but thats par for the course. Fortunately I met a good friend at lunch and we ended up going to the pub and having a lovely meal. My friend had chilli and I had lasagne.

Walked home and when I got in, Tyson was waiting for me on the dustbin. He was a bit fed up as his friends who he goes to daily are on holiday this week, (they run the local veg shop and he joins them - partly becuase they put the heater on for him on cold days). Because they are not htere it has put him out of sorts. Big softy wanted fuss tonight. OH then got in about 6.30 p.m. with Missy who went absolutely nuts and then collapsed in a heap fast asleep.

Will try and get back with the continuation of my walk on Sunday and more pictures sometime this week.

Please take care until then




  1. I have been enjoying following your blog for some time now and found today's very interesting.

    Could you speak more often on your spiritual side?

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi,

    You have a really nice weblog. Most people tend not to comprehend what mind power can do to one's achievements.


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