Sunday, 25 April 2010

Morning everyone

I am grabbing a little quality me time alone with my thoughts and by myself downstairs whilst the rest of the household sleeps. I crept downstairs and have made myself a mug of hot tea (I haven't put sugar in as am retraining myself not to take as much sugar as I used to) and am just listening to the silence of the house and just being still within its frame. A very civilised and peaceful way of coming too, not only for my physical frame but for my rambling thoughts and plans and dreams. It is peaceful and balm for a weary soul.

It is raining, the gentle pitter patter plop splosh of rain beating repetitively against the windows and the pavement, equally very soothing and very annoying as well. Since I was a child I have hated rainy days. Rainy days were when I used to stare out the window yearning to be out in the fresh air. Nose pressed up to the window pane (we had leaded lights in the cottage I lived in as a child) staring longingly. I hated being cooped up, still do really But these days are gentle days, days for reflection and taking stock of what we have and where we are going. A day for introspection.

We do need the rain (the soil is very dry here again - but I watered up my herb bed yesterday and gave them a dose of nettle feed). But why does it have to rain when I am at home and had lots planned to do. Oh well nothing drastically lost, just me trying to make as much of the time I have at home to get things done as usual. Will just have to put into effect plan B. There's always a plan B somewhere lurking just below the surface, trouble is it hasn't manifested itself yet - it will do.

Hope your wake up to the brand new day has been as peaceful as mine.

Catch you later.



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