Wednesday, 7 April 2010


What does the word peace mean to you?

To me, it means when everything is quiet and I am not having to look after other peoples needs instead of concentrating on those of my own. To share my own company without continually having to listen to others voices a time for solitued and just be still in the moment. Not that I am selfish, far from it, perhaps I tend to put others needs first, but sometimes we need peace and quiet to restore our own equilibrium and regain our own natural composure without having to constantly wade through a long list of things or deal with situations or people everybody but myself.

Peace a word but it resonates strongly it also gives you time to regroup and attend to your needs. We all need peace. Our souls need to be soothed and nurtured and we need love in order to grow and learn to fly. Time for regrouping. If we do not centre and nurture our inner soul, our inner child like the grape on the vine it will wither through lack of nourishment; thus that person does not reach their true potential, but a little bit of spade work, and nurturing helps prepare a strong foundation, Peace allows us time to put thoughts into perspective and helps us attain a state of serenity and calmness and helps us cope.

But peace also means or suggests lack of conflict, and being in a peaceful safe environment where you cannot be harmed

When I want peace I go to places like this.

I find that walking helps me centre and focus on those thoughts that fly through my mind like quicksilver. But being near water, near nature and near trees or the sea gives my weary soul balm so that it can heal and grow and it helps me deal methodically and rationally with anything life has to throw at me

What does peace mean to you?

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  1. Peace, found most easily amongst trees and slowly running water for me too =) Funny how I ended up here on the North Sea coast, I miss the ability to have just a short walk and be in the midst of a forest =( Suppose it makes it that much sweeter when I can be in their presence.


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