Thursday, 15 April 2010

Seed Update and Gardening

Well the seeds I sowed last week some of them are through already, despite the temperatures being a little low this week, they are all snug in one of my little growing houses, covered with cling film and fleece. I like growing things from seed, it gives you a sense of achievement and of nurturing. My real desire for doing this though is to supplement my meagre shopping allowance as best I can so that I can use what little money I do have to good effect.

The seed potatoes are starting to chit, just need a bit longer.

The pea sprouts are starting to poke their heads through the soil.

No sign of the Dwarf French Bean Tendergreen as yet

French Breakfast Radish these are really putting a spurt on.

Mixed Salad Leaves - no sign as yet.

Sorrell - no sign as yet.

Spring Onion - White Lisbon - no sign as yet.

Mesclun Mixed - most definitely through.

So I am quite chuffed as it has only been a few days.

This weekend I intend to sow a batch of different herbs. I thought if I grew a few extra they are good to give away or to help a local charity raise much needed funds. I tend to save the water cups from work and use them to transplant the seeds into. A touch of recycling never hurt anyone.

I have the seed packets for the herbs sorted out ready to sow into pots.
They consist of:

Summer Savory
Winter Savory
Garlic Chives just some of the seeds shown above - there are plenty of others.

I also intend to sow some:



cucumber and

melon seeds as well as a batch of pot marigold (companion planting)

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