Sunday, 9 May 2010

2010.05.09 My Day

Its been a much better day today than yesterday. Yesterday was too cold and it just rained and rained and rained. I had my nose pressed up against the window longing to be out in the fresh air, but in the end I gave in admitted defeat and spent a lot of time writing different articles for the blog - all of which will filter through eventually. This morning I decided to do the articles on the donut maker. But this afternoon I have been pottering in my growing sheds and cold frame and I am pleased to say that my salad crops and seeds are coming on well. I shall soon be cutting the pea shoots although it will be a bit longer for the radish, spring onion, Mesdun and mixed salad leaves but not that far away.

My Herbs are also coming through so will have to pot some of these on. I gave everything a good water today together with the nettle feed.

The mint has rooted extremely well and will go into a pot in the garden to restrict the roots they are now all tangled up.

I have also been busy processing the Sweet Woodruff,making little faggots for drying on my dressers, together with a face wash. I have also cut back my sage plant and have four large bundles of sage now drying on my dresser as well together with my bay leaves. I must say that hanging the woodruff has sweetened up the room even after only being in there for a couple of hours. I intend to use the dried woodruff to fill little sachets for scenting the undies and clothes drawers.

I went to look to see if there was any lilac left and there was and I ended up with three bunches of hand tied lilac to bring into the house. It smells glorious.

I have therefore had quite a productive afternoon.

For tea this evening we have had home made chips, fried onions, oyster mushrooms garlic and rump steak. It was very tasty.

Catch you all soon

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