Tuesday, 11 May 2010

2010.05.11 My Day

Its been a funny old day weatherwise. The sun has been out intermitently but we have had black clouds and rain on and off all day, but it is perishingly cold here again. And I hurt so, my legs and feet I really have not known what to do with today. The cold gets me like that. I have the heating on in the house as my hands keep going cold. Even the three cats that were out have all come running in one after another - they don't want to stay out. (Tinky was already in and Tyson I had already coaxed in then he bit me!) Grumpy old man that he is.

Whilst trying to get Tyson in I was collared by a new young neighbour who has a small kitten. Reminds me of a smaller version of Tinky. I have had to sex the kitten for her and it would appear that she has a young female called Charlie; she asked me because she was aware that I had Tyson but not that I had four more and a Jack Russell to boot. She seems very pleasant and the kitten was gorgeous.

Had a nice quick tea tonight chicken thighs in a pre-bought Jalfrezi sauce with Naan bread and rice. Very tasty and very quick for a week night.

Well I was at a loose end at lunch so I decided to go and check out the books that I had seen last week and which are now on my "Wish List" they are:

The Edible Garden by Alys Fowler

Grow Your Own Drugs new version and old version

One Pot of Jam Sonia Allison £8.99

Fruits of the Earth Gloria Nicol £14.99

Seasonal Preserves Joanna Farrow £12.99

At least now I have the titles so if they aren't in the shop when I eventually have the pennies together I will be able to order them. There is a method in my madness somewhere along the line.

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