Monday, 24 May 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Last week commenced with me dealing with the ironing pile at long last. Matters didn't start too well as I had the ironing pile from hell to deal with and I ended up dropping and breaking my steam generator iron - fortunately I still had my old Rowenta one. I hate ironing it is a discipline for me and one I never try and shirk and I like a good sturdy iron to wield around the ironing board as it seems to give a much better finish to all my clothes and household items.
Then the last of my love birds went to the big birdcage in the sky. We worked out that we had had him/her for some 10 years or so. We originally had four of them. I do miss his/her chirping and chattering and pleased to see you greetings the house seems so quiet without him. I have had caged birds of one sort or another since I was a child.
By hasn't it been hot these past few days. Lovely to have such nice weather especially after such a cold winter but very unbearable at times. I have kept the blinds down in the front of the house where we get the sun first thing and then flung open all the windows to let the fresh air in later on together with the ceiling fan in our bedroom have managed to keep quite cool.

Well I have been very busy. I have spring cleaned my bedroom, my wardrobes, drawers etc and had a good old bottom out. I have returned the freshly ironed and aired clothing to the wardrobes and drawers and managed to match odd socks up with their missing partners goodness knows where they get to, but somwhere down the line they manage to grow legs and walk sometimes never to be seen again. I am sure there is a sock fairy somwhere as well as an employee who works in a paper clip factory happily stringing numerous paper clips together - but then again that is another story.
I have also got rid of the winter bedding (for the time being at least) washed and got dried all the heavy duty bedding and got it aired in this lovely weather and it is all smelling wonderful in the airing cuboard. I have super king quilts that just about go into the washing machine but are best dried on the line as it gets a tad expensive in the tumble drier,and my aim was to use what was natural and free rather than using the tumbler - I have to use that during the winter months, but there is nothing to beat the freshness of line dried washing. I have also had two heavy blankets that I have managed to get washed also.

For a while, we have known that our mattress had more or less had it, but haven't been able to afford to replace it. To tell the truth I loved the bed we bought (a big Victorian Style Cream Wrought Iron and brass bed ( a five foot one)but have never rated the mattress. Have never got quite comfortable on it. Well it got to the point that I think nearly every spring had sprung and it was on the hit list to deal with and save up for. So it was therefore very serependitious that a contact of my OH came up with a brand new mattress out of the blue (an end of line). Not any old mattress either a 5ft memory foam one at a bargain price. So have also been shifting mattresses about too. Last night was the first night on the new mattress, and I can honestly say it has been one of the best night's sleep I have had in the last five years and more to the point I hardly ached when I got up this morning it was brilliant. So if any of you need to replace your mattress and can afford it go for a memory foam one they are fantastic and the mattress moulds itself to your body. You also rotate the mattress you don't turn it like with a normal one so if you are doing this solo it makes things a little easier.
Today the clutch has gone wrong on our only mode of transport a little two seater van. OH thinks it may be the linkage to the clutch that has gone, and has someone coming to look at it tomorrow to see if anything can be done at not too great an expense will keep the fingers crossed and the toes plaited. Thats three things in the past week or so I hope that is an end to it. But hey tomorrow is another day, a new dawn to greet, new things to try and new experiences to work through, and at the end of the day we are all the sum total of our own experiences.
Take care everyone

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