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Donut Machine - Instructions for Use (1)

Do you have one of these machines lurking in the cupboard. They remind me of a mini flying saucer to look at. I have had a sort out recently and managed to locate my donut machine, so I thought it was about time I used it again.


Do you have one of these and have lost the recipe booklet, so the machine is in the cupboard not being put to good use and cannot find any instructions anywhere or recipes. That's what happened to me until I re-found my recipe booklet which was stored in a safe place. Never mind you will find the instructions and the recipes below, as from my original instruction book so you can bring your machine back into use.

My machine was made by Breville but I understand that there may be more modern versions around.

Step by Step Method to Making Doughnuts in the Doughnut Maker

Lightly oil the doughnut moulds in the base and lid of the machine before use.

  1. Close the lid of your Breville Donut Wizard (or similar machine) and switch the power on.

  2. The neon thermostat light will come on immediately and then switch off after approximately 5 minutes when the cooking temperature has been reached. You can use this time to prepare the batter mix. The light will then cycle on an doff as the doughnuts cook.

  3. Fill each of the doughnut moulds with a rounded 10ml spoon (dessert spoon) of batter. Do not exceed the stated quantity. Prepare amount recommended then make fresh batter for a second batch.

  4. Care should be exercised when filling doughnut moulds ensuring not to spill batter onto mould surface for round even shaped doughnuts.

  5. Close top cover down over base and lock handle into place.

  6. As each recipe has a recommended cooking time i.e. 2 to 3 minutes it can be helpful to use a cooking timer.

  7. When cooked the doughnuts will be golden brown. Carefully remove the doughnuts being sure not to scratch the non stick surface of the cooking plates. The Non stick surface provides even baking and easy cleaning.

  8. The recipes for this machine make small batches (except when noted) - Please see Recipe section for further details the purpose of this is sto that the doughnuts can be eaten hot and fresh. If you wish to store any of the Doughnuts keep in a plastic bag and seal tightly. Keep for one day at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

  9. The Doughnuts can be re-heated in a microwave. Place 6 Doughnuts on a paper towel cover with a second paper towel. Microwave for a few seconds only - the time will vary depending on whether doughnuts have been at room temperature or cold from the refrigerator.

  10. Following the care and cleaning instructions below

Please also see: Recipes - 2(a) to (f)

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