Sunday, 30 May 2010

Seasons Bounty

Walking home from work on Friday night I passed a large clump of elderflower bushes and I am pleased to report that the blossom is coming out so time to get those recipes out and to get busy in the kitchen. I missed out on the Elder flowers last year but this year I intend to take advantage of this wonderful blossom which gives a lovely muscat flavour and which goes well with gooseberries. Haven't seen any gooseberries yet. But I am busy sorting out some recipes.

However on Friday I had the first of the local grown English Strawberries and they were heavenly - they were £1.80 a pound, but then yesterday I got some more from my local veggie shop at £1.50 a pound (last week they were on the market at £3.50 a punnet). I do so adore English Strawberries. But then I also love the abundant wild gifts that we get from the hedgerow. (Sorry not the best photo too near with the flash).

Hope you all get your own English Strawberries soon (and for those of you who are further afield if you ever get the opportunity to try English Strawberries - you won't be disappointed as when in season they just can't be touched).

As a little treat and because it was pay day I have spent out a little on the veggies this weekend as it is good to have seasonal food but you cannot always afford what we would like. However a little of what you fancy now and again doesn't do any harm and helps lift the spirits and helps you feel truly blessed.

OH is away fishing so we will be having our Sunday lunch tomorrow. I have Roast Chicken with garden herb stuffing, sage and onion stuffing, bread sauce, Jersey Royal potatoes, Asparagus, Carrots, Peas and Cauliflower together with Roast Sweet and Ordinary potato planned, together with the Strawberries with either cream or vanilla ice cream. I am getting hungry just thinking about this.

Catch you all later

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