Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beeswax Polish

This is the first recipe I have come across which doesn't use turpentine and I was pleased to find this as I have had some difficulty in locating turpentine; I can find a substitute but not the real thing.


85g/3 oz beeswax
30g/1 oz white wax or 1/2 standard sized candle
600ml/1 pint of white spirit
600ml/1 pint of hot water
1 tablespoon washing up liquid


Over a moderate heat and using an old saucepan (certainly not one that you would use for food) melt the wax.  Remove from the heat and slowly stir in the white spirit.  Mix in the washing up liquid with the water and gently add to the wax mixture.  Let it cool, stirring occasionally then put into screw top jars and label very clearly.  When using allow the wax some time to sink into the furniture before polishing off with a clean cloth.

Taken from Recipes for a perfect country weekend by Linda Burgess and Sally Anne Scott ISBN 1-85029-333-3


  1. One book that I don't have - yet! Have you got Country Harvest or Sloe Gin and Beeswax? I have another called The Country Store too - all books you'd love I think if you don't have them. None available new now I don't think but worth looking for secondhand.

  2. Hi Rowan

    I have all the books you mention and a lot more besides, although occasionally I come across books that I don't have. I have a very long wish list on Amazon at the moment. I have a lot of books (bone of contention with the other half as he is not so prolific a reader as myself and I quite frequently can be found curled up rootling amongst the ones I do have (Three book cases in the lounge alone) the rest upstairs. And there is always a groan if a new book appears from OH!

    Take care



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