Thursday, 10 June 2010

Drying Bits and Pieces

Since I started drying things naturally at the weekend things have moved on at a bit of a pace. The rose petals are drying nicely, but they will take a little longer to dry out. The apples are nearly completely dry and I will prepare another batch this weekend. I have since dried a couple of sprays of elderflowers - don't forget to dry some elderflowers for use in the winter months as well as making lots of other goodies with the elderflowers. You can also freeze the flower heads yet again for use in the winter.

When at my mother's earlier in the week I appropriated some more mint cuttings. There were quite a few leaves that I stripped off the stems in order to root them, so instead of discarding them I have put those also to dry - I don't usually dry the mint, but I am sure I will find a use for it somewhere even if it is only mixed in with other herbs and spices and little scented mug warmers and teapot pads so that they can release their aroma when a hot pot of tea is placed upon the mat or the mug warmer encapsulates a mug of hot tea, coffee or chocolate yet again releasing their lovely scent. Very soothing. Or a casserole is placed on a huge scented mat, the heat from the dish yet again releasing their lovely scent.

Its been wet and back endish here today and I am hoping that the weather dries up a little soon as my roses are in full bloom and I want to dry some more of their petals for pot pourri in the winter months. The sage also needs harvesting and bunching again in order that I can get some more sage put up for the winter months. The items that I am putting up and preserving are not life-changing but I am giving myself some other options of variety in my pantry at the end of the day and I haven't used any nasties in the growing of the plants. Its the little differences that set us apart from each other and allow individuality to shine through. These items not only are good to use in food but they can also be used in home made beauty products, wines, decorative sprays or garlands. We are only limited by our own imaginations.

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