Saturday, 5 June 2010

Drying Rose Petals

I am keen to have a go at making my own pot pourri again later in the year, but in order to do so I need to amass the material I am hoping to use before then.

The roses in my earlier post became full blown and so rather than waste them I have decided to dry the delicate petals.

First I put tissue paper on a tray and then segregate the petals from the central point and lay them out individually on the tissue. Once the tray is full I cover with tissue paper and then start another layer etc until all the rose petals are used. Layering with another tissue layer on top. Put a heavy object such as a book on top and then pop into the airing cupboard and leave for a week or so. Here are some I made last year using this method.

If you have a son or daughter getting married next year and you have roses in the garden why not dry them by this technique and if you amass together enough material and dry it you can then use home made confetti which will degrade naturally so it will not get you into trouble with the Vicar. You can always mix it with lavender. And not only that it is something special created to make a special day extra special.

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