Friday, 18 June 2010

Elderflower and Chammomile Hand Gel


3 tablespoons of Arrowroot
100ml/4fl oz water
2 tablespoons of Dried Chammomile
2 tablespooons of Dried Elderflowers
3 tablespoons of glycerine


Gather together the ingredients and measure them out. Prepare some small screw top pots ready for storage.

Heat the water and add the herbs. Leave to steep until thoroughly cooled.

Warm the glycerine in a double boiler and add the arrowroot. Stir very well.

Strain the infusion. Gradually add to the glycerine and arrowroot mixture and stir until it is clear and starting to gel. This is important becuase if the mixture thickens too much it makes it very greasy and gritty - the skin does not absorb properly (guess who found out the hard way) The mixture sort of goes translucent and shiny and starts to thicken when ready.  If mixture does go too thick add a little more liquid to thin it down but use a whisk to combine the mixtures together.  Decant into pots.

The mixture when ready should be gentle and soothing and is excellent for softening hands without making them feel greasy.

Chammomile is naturally healing and soothing and this gel exploits the herb's ability to soften the skin. Elderflowers are considered effective as a tonic for all skins.

First time I have had a go at a gel, been quite interesting - very steep learning curve
Measure out the Dried Elderflower

Add the Chammomile

Add the Water to steep the herbs and leave to stand until cool

Now that its cool the colour deepens

Strain off the herbs and retain the liquid pressing down with the back of a spoon
to extract all the liquid

Measure out the Glycerine

Add the Arrowroot and blend in so that there are no lumps

Nice and Smooth

Starting to Gel

Potted up - It looks promising will have to wait and see.
 I have used a Glass as could not locate my miniature pots

With its lid - it is going to be on the kitchen windowsill for use every day

Now I have to wait for it to cool

This recipe taken from the Magic of Herbs by Jane Newdick ISBN 1-85833-281-8


I am extremely chuffed with this and it is leaving my skin very soft.  I slapped a load on after doing the washing up today and my skin feels soft.  Shall definitely make some more of this.
Store in the fridge


  1. This sounds lovely, is it effective? Do you grow the dried chamomile or buy it? Oh and last question - how many little jars does it make?

  2. Hi Rowan

    First time I have made it but because the elderflower is out thought would share with everyone else. I dried the eldeflower myself, but I bought the Chammomile from my local health food shop. And I would think it would fill 3 to 4 small pots. I have the small pots the proper ones but I cannot locate them so for this batch at least it has gone into a glass with a cellophane cover. The pots are in a safe place somewhere. Gel smells herby and pleasant.

    Hope you are keeping well and that you are resting that wrist. Just look after yourself.


  3. Thanks for the pictures and step by step istructions. Have elderflowers in my garden so shall pick and dry some for future use.


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