Friday, 4 June 2010

First Roses of Summer

I pottered in the garden this evening and found a lovely surprise. One of my David Austin Roses (have lost the label so don't know the name) is in bloom and I am really chuffed with it. It is quite a large bush and the first time I have had flowers on it, despite having the plant for just over a year or so; so double surprise really. I would really love a big rose garden where I can indulge in creating a rose garden containing old fashioned blooms, ones with scents intermingled with other scented flowers like honeysuckle and traditional english garden flowers, but unfortunately the garden is not big enough here. But hey its filed away in the memory store of things to do and if and when an opportunity presents itself will do something about it. In the interim I am content with natures bounty with the unexpected flowers that I will at least be able to enjoy for a few days or so. I will then probably dry the flowers for pot pourri later on in the year.


  1. The old-fashioned shrub roses are wonderful both for shape and perfume. I have several but none blooming quite yet though Comte de Chambord is almost there. Your rose is lovely though I can't help with a name I'm afraid.

  2. I bought two David Austin Roses,both with the tags on them,but they weathered and you cannot read them. I lost the other last winter and this one has been a lovely surprise as at one stage I just thought it was briar coming off the main rose but it isn't thankfully.

    Hope you are managing okay and please look after yourself

    Take care

    Tricia aka pattypan



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