Friday, 4 June 2010

Jobs to try and complete over the next few days

  1. Get the washing done and air dried on the line; Done

  2. Strip the bed, get the sheets washed and dried; Done

  3. Polish and hoover the bedroom out;

  4. Hoover the stairs;

  5. Sort out the dining room;

  6. Sort out the pantry;

  7. Make the Elderflower cordial;

  8. Make the Elderflower curd;

  9. Make Elderflower Champagne;

  10. Dry some Elderflowers;

  11. Dry stale bread for home made breadcrumbs;

  12. Make Pannacotta;

  13. Make Curd Cheese;

  14. Make Yoghurt;

  15. Make some Ice lollies for the freezer;

  16. Make some more bread buns;

  17. Make some pain au chocolat;

  18. Make some Croissants;

  19. Make some savoury and sweet puff pastries;

  20. Make Jelly;

  21. Make some Ice cream;

  22. Make Lemon Curd;

  23. Make Orange Curd;

  24. Get the ironing done;

  25. Sew some more seeds;

  26. Make some profiteroles

  27. Dry apple rings; Done

Think I had better stop there before I get the better of myself.

Hope your day is a productive one also.

I am off to get on.




  1. You are certainly going to be one busy lady! Elderflower curd sounds lovely - do you have a recipe?

  2. Recipe above - haven't tried it yet but it seems simple enough. Will probably process later on when its a bit cooler.

    Thats just the aspiration list - if don't get them all done will probably carry over to next weekend!


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