Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Weekend

I haven't done much housework this weekend (shock horror)  as I have been quite tired after a very busy week; so I have been playing hookey and been playing with lots of other things including making the elderflower and chammomile hand gel and the preserved peel in syrup; trouble is when you having fun time soon flies and I still have had loads of other things to do as well. But its nice to have played for a change has been a luxury.  Its fun to play especially after being  at work all week.  Truth is I am ready for a holiday but it doesn''t look as if that is going to happen either.  Yes days off work but not holiday holiday.  Never mind will get there in the end one day. 

OH has been fishing, Missy went with him, Tyson has spent each night on the foot of the bed with me, enjoying sprawling and taking full advantage of the fact that Missy is not  there, and renewing his claim to the bed.

 This afternoon went for another walk and this time went a slightly different way.  No end of rabbits everywhere and the way I went was a proper old fashioned hedgerow walk that I hadn't been down before, but needless to say will go that way again.Have bought some more elderflowers back to process into cordial and to elderflower champagne and also to dry. (Since done) Also will do the gooseberry and elderflower jam using gooseberries from the freezer probably tomorrow night when I get home in the jam machine.  Haven't seen any gooseberries yet hope to get some more to replenish the freezer as well.  Elderflower jelly will have to wait until next weekend when I can get some cooking apples.  Also have dried some more apple rings .  Probably will get some kiwi fruit to dry next week but this time string them on cotton.  Am trying to stock pile some dried fruits so that I can do my own home made muesli which I make on a regular basis, but this time round drying as much fruit as I can myself.

I am well pleased with the preserved peel recipe.  I have some grapefruit which I intend to make some curd out of and the skins from this will be ideal for doing a grapefruit version of the peel.  The first jar have done is oranges and lemons, then there will be grapefruit and then lemon and lime.

I have lots planned to do, and I certainly want to bottle some fruit up for the winter months as well as do some jams and chutneys.

I would quite like to have a go at doing some home cured bacon, hams, salami, proscuitto, and pastrami.  Have some recipes just need to be able to get reasonably priced meat to have a go with.  Me thinks a recce of the meat market is in order and perhaps a glance at the fish counter also as I want to pot some prawns/shrimps for the freezer.  Will do my research first with my plotting and planning.

Catch up soon

Take care



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