Saturday, 19 June 2010

Simple Pleasures

When you have too much you don't appreciate what you do have and when you haven't got much its the simple things that give the greatest pleasure "the silver lining" if you like.

My simple pleasure in the last few weeks are the first flowers off a rambling rose that seems to have come into its own this year. I have never had flowers off it before and yet there have been so many stems of beautiful gently scented blooms that each one has made me smile. I have tried to do little bits with them like drying the petals, and a small bunch of them and also the heads of some others, but these ones I have put in a posy just for me, but then that is being selfish so I want to share them with you. Roses the flower that speaks so much to everyone but straight from the heart.

 I love Roses they mean a lot to me and they are one of the first flowers I ever remember; my grandfather used to grow quite a few of them on his plot and they were always so lovely each one so different.  I even found a pressed rose in my great grandfather's bible that had been preserved and put up as a memory of a special occasion although I have no idea of which one, but special all the same.

My mother was born in June; and my grandparents named her June Rose; her second name came from a big bunch of Roses that my grandfather brought to my grandmother from his allotment to celebrate her birth.

Memories are so special and so fleeting, but moments like that speak of a far deeper more hidden emotion  a grand passion - one that some of us cannot show because they do not know how to or there is something that has happened that stops them doing, but that does not mean they do not feel, others show too much; but it is far better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.

I hope you find your simple pleasures wherever or whatever they may be - they are for you to enjoy wherever they may be.

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