Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Solstice Moon

I watched the sky tonight  - I had to go out into the street as I could not see the moon from my house.   She appeared to be slung very low in the night sky. There is something magical about the moon that lights our night skies, something hypnotic, something soothing  The sky was midnight blue and had a rippled effect of light and dark like a raspberry ripple ice cream.  There was a bright glow in the sky where the moon was but I did not see her just like a zig zag effect in the night sky the zig zag being the light from the moon in the night sky.  A touch of the Harry Potters and the zig zag from his wand creating mystery and anticipation; with a doseful of magic and serenity to boot.

The wheel has turned again,  the nights will grow longer the days shorter and nor shall we see or travel this path again; another month, another year another place; we move ever onwards time travellers in space, time and ether to new events and new experiences to new growth and to fulfil our souls journey.  Each one of us different, unique our experiences often challenging and not what we expect.  Lets hope the path well travelled provides the peace and sustenance we crave to nurture the new growth and to take us ever onwards


  1. The moon has been beautiful for the last few nights hasn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing the full moon in a few days time. Wasn't the weather marvellous yesterday, perfect for Summer Solstice and more to come I gather. Solstice Blessings to you Tricia

  2. Yes it has been lovely when I have been able to admire her. The weather has been lovely here too very warm. However the office I work in is air conditioned and it has obviously been working well because the girls have ended up with goosepimples on their arms and yet when leaving the building the heat hits us full on. The windows are tinted as well so we find it difficult to gauge just what the weather is like. Solstice blessings to you too.

    Take care my friend




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