Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Yesterday Evening

Started early as we ended up going cherry picking down the garden.  Managed to pick about 11lb of cherries which have been bottled in syrup and then processed by the hot water bath method after adding a squirt of lemon juice to each jar.  We still have not finished picking the tree.

I had a lovely evening sat on a stool in the garden, peacefully getting on with my repetitive chores of stalking the cherries, then washing and then pitting the cherries.  The work slow but rythmic and I found my natural rythm as I got into things, A time of work, but also to loose myself in just being in a peaceful balmy garden, and hearing all the noises of different life but just letting it wash over me and just chilling and relaxing.

 Needless to say I had company the cats all came at some point just to sit with me, and Squeak bringing her latest victim a small mouse and then insisting on chomping it whilst she was sat beside me.  Poppy was just sat on the same stool watching every so often wanting some fuss and Merlin being the different kind of baby he is insisting in sitting in an empty flower trough

I got 12 jars of bottled cherries in sweet syrup and got them processed.  Just one small thing when bottling I always tuck a strip of greasproof paper into the jar folded over to fit snug inside.  This helps keep the fruit submerged under the syrup.

Tonight I have frozen three bags of cherries for the freezer and tomorrow evening I intend to make the sugared cherries and put some up for Christmas.

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