Sunday, 6 June 2010

Yesterdays bargains

Yesterday I went to the greengrocers as I usually do on a Saturday morning. I usually go straight to their reduced bins to see if there is anything worth having. Yesterday I managed to find two large bags of kiwi fruit, nectarines and two large bags of grapefruit all for the princely sum of £3. I intend to make a nectarine preserve and a kiwi preserve in the jam machine this evening to put up on the larder shelves.( The jam machine is a boon as it means I can make preserves but get on and start preparing something else whilst it is doing, which means I can get more done in the time availalble to me).

Preserves like this can be used for a multitude of uses, as the basis of a sauce, in cakes with buttercream as a filling, as a tart filler, on toast, with croissants. I intend to turn the grapefruit into a curd and use the skin to make home made mixed peel. (Apparently they don't do the compost heap much good). I have never had a go at this before, but to me it seems a very good use for something that we normally chuck away and yet for a little bit of time and effort can be used with good results in home baking.

Usually when I go they have bags of tomatoes quite cheap at 50 pence a bag and I usually turn these into a long keeping preserves for bottling, in a ketchup or in the freezer, I quite regularly freeze cherry tomatoes as they are minus their stems and then during the winter months we have them with a fry up, they are very delicious and very fresh tasting. I have also used them as a basis for soups as well.

They did not have apples yesterday, but I had quite a few to use up anyway so no doubt I will snaffle a few more bags when they have them. Things like apples, and tomatoes tend to be staples of my store cupboard in various guises.

As I havc lots to do I am going to go and get on. Will probably catch up later on.


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