Saturday, 31 July 2010

2010.07.31 My Day

Well its been a busy one and I was up early whether I wanted to be or not as a little dog decided that she was going to lick me to death to make me get up.  What ever happened to a lay in!  Seems to be a thing of the past since Missy moved in.

I have been doing housework trying to get tidy but failing miserably as usual.  I haven't been to the veg shop today though as I have lots of stuff already and I want to get it all used up, so I can stock up fresh again next week.  There are some things I want to get sorted in the next few weeks predominantly to do with bottling and sauces and cordials n things and I need bottles and sauce bottles as I am running low.

I sorted out the cherry plums this morning and have a load in the pan cooking gently then they are to be put through a jelly bag left overnight and then made up into wild cherry plum jelly sometime tomorrow. With the remnants I intend to make some wild plum cheese.  I also have some more wild cherry plum jam to do as well.  They are all prepped up ready in the kitchen.

I picked a load of blackberries today out of the garden and have made up into Blackberry and Apple jam - see separate post. I now have another four jars of bounty for the pantry.

We took Missy for a run later this afternoon and I picked some more cherry plums.  Nearly gone from the tree we have been picking but there are other trees there where the trees a different variety are just coming good so will have continuation in the next few weeks.

Topped up the Rhumptopf with another layer of fruit and sugar now consists of cherries, blueberries, cherry plums, redcurrants and smells delish.  The jar I am using I cannot get a small saucer into to hold the fruit down so I have folded some greaseproof and scrunched it up and put it on top of the fruit. It helps keep the fruit submerged.

Well must get on with the jam I have to remove the stones before I put the sugar in a tedious job at the best of times.

Catch you when I can.



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