Monday, 19 July 2010


Its been hot and sticky here today and I don't do hot and I don't do cold.  . I have been very headachey today as well as the arthritis playing up quite severely today. Because it is too warm in the house I have been wandering round the gaden and  ventured down to  the jungle at the bottom of the garden this evening and found some ripe blackberries.  They are not set plants, but ones that have sowed themselves.  So I think the start of autumn may be nearer than we think. I know that there would appear to be a lot of fruit sets on the plants.  So I have picked what few there are to put up until I have a few more.  If we are lucky and I manage to find some more wild fruits might make a summer/autumn pudding later in the week with some of the fruits I have already acquired.  So it might be worth keeping your eyes open, just in case there are some coming through in the wild, although I think we may be a little while yet from what I saw yesterday, but you never know.  Nature has her own time-table and we all dance to her tune.


  1. I can't believe that the blackberries are ripening already, I've noticed that the haws are beginning to turn red but the blackberries I've seen are either green or still flowering madly.

  2. Most the ones I have seen in the wild are still hard and green, but for some unknown reason I have blackberries and as I have said I have not planted them they have just sown themselves in the jungle. I have picked the same amount again tonight. Not quite sure what am going to do with them. Have a bottle of gin so might just have a bit of a play after tea and see what I can come up with.




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