Monday, 19 July 2010


Inhale - breathe in fill your lungs to the limit
Then slowly and gently exhale in a measured fashion
Counting slowly, holding as long as you can and then
Breathe in; fill your body and your  aura with your intake of breath
Explore, play, stretch those lungs as far as they go but overall
please let me breathe - let me be me
Do not dictate or restrict this restless soul
Who quietly and passively complies with requests
But do not assume that she is a passive child, far from it
You may not think it - she hides it well, but sometimes, just sometimes
She is fit to bust and explode like a catherine wheel in full pelt
Because she feels breathless and strangled - you have stepped in her space
You are trying to breathe for her - she needs to do this for herself
Back off - keep your distance
Let her BREATHE.......
Naturally, unfettered as free as the wind; to breathe is to enjoy a gentleness
A natural rythm - it stills us it consoles us encompasses and empowers us
It animates us; so please BREATHE
It lets us live

pattypan July 2010

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