Monday, 12 July 2010

Helping Each Other and Self-Help

Difficult times call for people to pull together for the survival of the all rather than just the individual fighting on alone without any support.  It doesn't have to be that way in fact a family that plays together stays together.  Family is important as are very good friends.  If you don't have family to rely on get together with some friends have a discussion and see who can help who out with what.  You may be pleasantly surprised. Please do not assume, that is another British trait, we assume things that need not necessarily be true.  Ask and talk about things first.  People of like mind are often attracted together in little groups and a common need can often be the basis for a very good long running warts n all friendship.  The best kind of friendships.

 British people don't like to ask, preferring ostensibly to make out that everything is okay when it isn't necessarily the case.  This is where the big family of yesterday was a boon because you all helped each other out.  Money very rarely changed hands it was done as a kindness, but equally you were often able to repay that kindness by some skill that you had that they haven't.  Share and pool your skills.  People who have strong practical skills are just as much worth their weight in gold as the academics amongst us.  And senior members of the family may well be retired, but that doesn't mean they haven't got a lot to give.  To the contrary they are worth their weight in gold, especially if there are young people around.

Want a party can't afford it - have a bring a bottle and a dish evening, and everyone then has fairly contributed - take it in turns hosting the event.  A common love of food can bring people together from all walks of life and you can have a really good evening without too much little outlay. And if one of you is perhaps much better at making wine than another  - they bring more wine instead of food - it all works out equal in the end.

That's why I think schemes such as HFW's Landshare Scheme is a winner.  It gives a solution to both parties i.e. those with land that is not being cultivated and cared for and matching them with people who want to grow their own food.  This works and is a proven fact therefore the theory should be able to apply elsewhere in different scenarios.

We start off with a need that is not being fulfilled.  You haven't got many pennies what do you do.  Start communicating, start asking - someone out there will be able to help you.  If they don't turn up straight away they will do when the time is right.  Don't know how to do something.  Ask, even if you think that person doesn't know how, by talking about it and discussing it they will either say yeah or nay, but better still might be able to put you in contact with someone who does know how.

So start helping others and helping yourself by talking to instead of talking at people.  It can and will make a difference.


  1. So very true, and I'm a great believer in 'what is meant to be, will' - but that's not to say we should just sit idle and wait for it to come to us :)


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