Sunday, 4 July 2010

Organising the Laundry/Cleaning Area Part 1

I am in the process of squaring up my "laundry" area of the house.  Its been a little while since I replaced basic things like brushes, dusters etc.  So this morning I have hit Wilkinsons.  The prompt for this was that my clothes props had finally given up the ghost and needed replacing. I had loads of washing to do and there was no way the current line would keep the clothes high and dry without the clothes props.  And being stingy (frugal sounds far nicer, but I am a Taurean and call a spade a spade), I was determined to make use of the excellent drying weather we have been experiencing.   However I have added a few other things along the way that needed replacing due to damage or through use, but I also thought that I would take the opportunity to get things organised a bit more than they are at the moment and make sure that I have the relevant tools for the job. I make things last as long as I can, and look after things, but when a tool needs replacing, there is only one thing to do.  And I would rather take charge of things now rather than be put in a situation where I need them and haven't got them.

Needless to say I bought two new clothes props.  As I have four lines I need a couple of more but they can be obtained over the next few weeks providing pennies are avaialable.  Well that's the plan. [On the wish list for the future would be a small lawned courtyard area with borders for growing rosemary and lavender around; a proper drying area where the clothes can have a good blow and where you can get super king sheets fitted on the lines properly].  At the moment improvisation is the key utilising fence posts to wrap the line round so creating like four separate areas up the garden.  It suffices but its not really as I want it - and I am afraid I don't like rotary driers.

 I have replaced the floor mop.  I prefer the good old fashioned floppy cotton mops (dolly mops)and a bucket with a rack in, in which to press out the excess of water. I have had several of the sponge mops but I have not been at all happy with them  in that each time I needed to get a replacement head had difficulty locating them and ended up replacing the mop, which wasn't the point of the exercise in the first place.   Unfortunately they are dear and the dolly mop complete with pole and replacement dolly head I managed to get for £3.99 so it suits my purse far better.    I have therefore swapped  over as I know I can get replacements for them relatively easily and once you get used to using them they do quite a good job.  With having pets in the house it is important to me that I can keep things clean, and a little elbow grease in swishing the mop can do a very good and thorough job. ( I had had my eye on a Honeycomb sponge mop in Lakeland which looked quite good but at £16 well out of my price range at the moment and needs dictate that I can get what I require for as little as possible).

I have also bought a new bucket.  I needed one with a handle on that was sturdy and stable and would not knock over easily. I know it sounds ridiculous but I am completely hazardous with the handles - they just don't seem to last with me.  I still reuse whats left of the bucket usually for soaking clothes in before putting in the washer.  I will no doubt add a couple of more buckets over the weeks as I use them for cleaning, but I also have some that I use for food use only i.e. wine making and brining.  They are kept separate for obvious purposes.  But I also use buckets in the garden.  I am going to get some heavy duty black ones for this purpose (the ones that I equate to animal feed type buckets - if you keep horses you will know what I mean)

I have also replaced the wet washing basket as the previous one had been a cheapie and I really should not have bought it; and it has crumbled on the edges  this one is far more solid.  Unfortunately I am not always too clever on my pins and sometimes fall where I don't need to and end up breaking things that way because I always land heavily.

More Pegs - the peg box is now full and I also have some spares under the sink should I need them.

Another line - I tend to keep a spare in just in case the line snaps as it means that I can make the necessary repair and get my washing re-washed and re-strung to dry.

The Shopping List  -  things yet to acquire

2 more clothes props
Another couple of general duty buckets
New Mop Bucket
Another Ironing basket
Sink organiser
2 New Bowls
2 New Bristle Brushes (brooms)
2 New Soft Brushes (brooms)
Handbrushes soft and bristle
Soap powder bin
Housekeeping box
Clothes airer

Well that's started that; hopefully in the next few weeks everything will be sorted to my satisfaction and everything is properly organised.


  1. I'm like you and don't like rotary dryers, your post has reminded me that I, too. need a new clothes prop and some new brushes. Another bucket would be good too, I only have one but then I don't make wine or anything. For the garden I have a weeding basket and a trug but come to think of it a sturdy large bucket would be good for carrying compost etc. You've made me think - I feel another list coming on:)

  2. Lists are generally a good thing - until you mislay them! Only kidding I do them too.

    Take care



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