Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Well I had it all figured out what I was going to achieve this evening especially as I still have a back room that looks like a bomb has hit it.  Mind you I have found things I had forgotten I had but the plus point is that I have been having a thorough sort out as I have been going along and underneath the stairs is all sorted out and very organised for me.  I also found a box of CD's that I had forgotten I had had.  I have been playing with my computer and am gradually getting used to using different elements.  Music is the latest one and so finding the CD's means that I will be able to download them and then have music playing whilst am composing for the blog etc.

My choice in music is somewhat ecclectic at the best of times.

If you haven't yet heard it the Fishermans Friend CD is extremely good.  But then I like traditional music and these types of songs tell a story which is all part of our heritage and from where we are from originally.  Back to grass roots as it were.

Anyway back to my evening.  I had planned to get on with the back room again; on the way home Geoff gave me a note from my friend over the road who I have been helping out with her computer.  Her partner had bought her a new computer and she was so excited but hadn't got a clue what to do with some of the basics (Neither had I really - but I managed to get it fathomed out, her Sky package loaded, modem operational and Internet and Facebook sites all working).  It has taken me a couple of hours but at least have managed to sort her out so that she can do what she wants to do on it and have given her shortcuts so that she can access the ones that she uses on a regular basis. Up until a couple of weeks ago she didn't know how to send an email now there is no stopping her. One quick lesson and she is flying bless her. But it is helping her and me in a roundabout way as I am learning too.  A little time and effort helping people when they are in need never hurt anybody.  Well that's my take on things.

Hopefully will be able to get stuck in tomorrow night as I am not around on Saturday as I have a course to attend and Sunday my OH gets to meet a sister he has never met - long and very complicated story but it will be interesting to see how things go.  I think that she has a lot of questions to ask, which are very understandable in the circumstances.

Catch up with you all soon.

Kind regards

Tricia (aka pattypan)


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  1. Hope tghe course on Saturday is for pleasure and not work related! Meeting your OH's sister will be both nerve-wracking and exciting, hope it all goes well and that you all enjoy each other's company.


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