Monday, 16 August 2010

Busy Weekend

I haven't been at home this weekend as have been out and about.  Saturday I was helping a friend with some workshops, and it was a very good day.

Yesterday we descended on OH's sister for a family day. 

A short while after OH lost his parents (about five years ago) out of the blue the family were contacted by a lady who had been trying to trace her birth family for many years.

Its a complicated story, but OH was adopted as a child by his grandparents (his birth mother he was bought up to believe was his older sister).  It would seem that she was about 18 years old when she had OH and he was bought up with in the family. [He always knew something had happened because he could remember attending Court as a youngster, but he was alwasy on his own] However what was not known was that his birth mother went on to have another child within a year of OH being born.    We think things must have been tight as OH's parents only had a two bedroom property and they had the younger sister and OH both with them.  For such a decision to be made there must have been extentuating circumstances because this is a family that love children.

OH's older sister remembered odd things from when she was younger that hadn't made sense and also things that had happened just before her sister died (the younger sister is some 7 or 8 years younger than her sister). OH's birth mother wanted her baby girl before she died (she went on to have two more girls) and when the elder of the two went to her and said I'm here mum she pushed her away saying that it wasn't her.

After the initial contact there have been text messages, emails and telephone contact, and despite arranging a meet up earlier or trying to they didn't come to anything.  That is until yesterday when we went to my sister in laws and we eventually got to meet the long lost sister.  We did everything low key as we didn't want to overwhelm her.  It turns out that she was adopted by a local family, but even stranger OH and her used to haunt the same venues - she's into fishing  - so's OH - its not the only coincidence.  Also she is the spit of her birth mother and sister in law got a bit emotional because she has been without her sister for many years. Equally when she was growing up she didn't look like anyone but yesterday she met up with family who have a likeness and she could identify with.  It was a good comfortable day - we had a buffet lunch  - she met part of the family not all of them.  That will come in time and at her own pace.  The photo box was raided to try and fill in a bit on the family history etc for her.  The family is what it is  - no frills just ordinary folk having a family day.  We certainly enjoyed ourselves and I hope sis did too.  The strange thing is her birth name is exactly the same as mine.  Now OH isn't completely on his own and nor is his sister.  Its been good and everyone got on very well and hopefully there will be more visits to follow - but no pressure everything in its own time.

Welcome back sis (sis with partner "three plates") Nick - we like a chap that loves his grub!

And part of the family in the back garden

Now I have to catch up with the housework - if I'M missing for too long please send out the St Bernard with the Brandy barrell.  I also have some letters to write - so bear with me.

Catch you all later



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