Saturday, 21 August 2010

Fresh Sweetcorn

Have been to the veggie shop this morning and have the first of the harvest of fresh sweetcorn.  There is something very delectable about fresh sweetcorn,especially when the cobs are heavy and are golden in colour.  They seem to call eat me eat me with lots of butter oodled over them.  So guess what we are having for lunch today!  The water is boiling as we speak.

The cobs are grown not far from where the Veg Shop people live in Lincolnshire, and I have had them in past years and frozen them down for the winter months (although I usually cut a cob in half for the freezer - today we have the luxury of a whole one each or two in the case of OH.  They go well with a brunch or just to eat plainly and simply.

I do love seasonal food.

I am dribbling at the thought .....

Catch you all later




I cooked the sweetcorn bringing a pan of water to the boil and then adding the cobs of sweetcorn letting it come back up to the bubble again and then cooking for 5 minutes.  It was delicious, crisp and very sweet and I put a knob of butter on each.  I am glad I only had the one cob - I don't have a big appetite, but it was delicious.

We then polished this down with a fresh nectarine that was oozing juice and also absolutely deliciious. A lovely meal  - food does not have to be complicated to be enjoyed at its best but you certainly need a knapkin to mop up.



  1. Oh Tricia! I absolutely love fresh sweetcorn, dripping with (real!) butter, that and fresh peas are my favs =)

    Trying to talk BH into just a few stalks for next years garden. Not much gained for the space taken, but sooo delectable. Even one meal of our own and I'd be happy.

  2. I agree totally - from the garden its absolutely scrummy. From what I understand you need to grow the sweetcorn in blocks or if grown in pots group them all together so that they form a block so that they can cross pollinate. Its worth it - my mum has grown some in pots thi year and it looks very promising so thi may be an alternative way for you.

    Take care




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