Sunday, 15 August 2010

Further Further Update on My bottle fetish

Hi everyone hope you are all okay.

This is getting to be a little bit of a saga but I thought I ought to let you know about a cheap source of kilner jars, where you can buy the bottles singly.  I walked into Wilkinsons on Friday and there arranged on the shelf were a load of Kilner jars of both sizes.  No prices on them but I went to enquire anyway (I had just bought four more at £10 from John Lewis) and the small ones came out at £1.97 a jar - that would be 5 jars for £10. I assume the bigger ones will be cheaper than John Lewis but will find out when I go in during the week again.  In John Lewis they are £3 a hit. (The large jars in Wilkinson are £2.50 per jar)

Just thought I would let you all know in the name of getting as much as you can for your money. I know I am paying out now for these jars now, but come end of preserving for this year will still carry on buying a few jars here and there.  Next year I will then be able to start my bottling pantry earlier on as will have the jars and the seals there ready and waiting. I also intend to hit the pick your own farms next year as well.  The main purpose of this is to store as much as I can out of the freezer as well as in it, but probably more meat than is currently in there. There are lots of things I want to have a go at including salami making.

Have to pop off now hopefully will be back later.



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  1. I bought some from IKEA. I suppose they are in the UK too. Quite cheap for the small ones


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