Friday, 13 August 2010

Liver Transplant 20th Anniversary

Today the 13 August is the 20 year anniversary since my mother underwent a liver transplant  at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge as her own liver was diseased and failing.  This was revolutionary at the time and the transpant was used to treat the liver disease she was experiencing at the time known as primary biliary cirrhosis a condition where the tiny bile ducts became diseased and hardened thus cutting off the lubrication points in the liver and thus turning her liver into a piece of stone as well as causing various other problems.  A disease of the auto immune system, the experts now know that this particular disease comes back even after the transplant and they are starting to establish that it may be down to a defective gene.  The latest news is that they believe it is down to possibly 16 genes and that its cause is not what they thought it is.

All I know is that one particular family's loss has enabled my mother to have 20 years of precious life that she was not otherwise expected to see.  For that I and my family are very grateful for their selflesseness at a time of great distress.  So today although a celebration where my mother is concerned I am also thinking of the family who lost so much but in so doing have given my mother a precious life.  I thank you for this - words are not enough.

But thank you whoever you are and wherever you are.

Pattypan aka Tricia

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  1. How marvellous that your mum has survived for 20 years after having a liver transplant. As you say though for someone else it's a much sadder anniversary but at least they know that their loss gave life to at least one other person and possibly more than one.


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