Sunday, 1 August 2010

Things to do in the Next Few Days

  1. Make Blackberry And Apple Jam. [Done] 4 jars
  2. Make Wild Cherry Plum Jelly. [Half way there]
  3. Make Wild Cherry Preserve batch 2. [Done] 3 jars
  4. Pickle the Gherkins 2kg. [Done] 2 Large Jars
  5. Make Nectarine and White currant jelly. [done]
  6. Make Redcurrant Jelly. [done]
  7. Make Apple and Lemon Curd. [done]
  8. Bottle Yellow Cherry Plums. [Done]. 1 jar
  9. Bottle Pink/Red Cherry Plums [Done] 2 jars
  10. Bottle Blackberries out of the garden. [ Done].  1 jar
  11. Pickle more gherkins.
  12. Pickle Eggs.
  13. Pickle Quail Eggs.
  14. Ratatouille Chutney
  15. Pickled Fennel
  16. Bottle Apples
  17. Bottle Bilberries.
  18. Dry Tomatoes and preserve in oil.
  19. Dry more sage.
  20. Dry Thyme
That's it for starters


  1. That's really quite some list you have there! I am contemplating bottling fruit for the first time. (I know . . .) Could you possibly do a post to talk me through it please?

  2. Hi BB,

    Will gladly do this for you - have started a post in any event. Please bear with me I am out this evening to the Psychic & Spiratual Fellowship, a group run by my friend Jacqueline Lesley - its a group for like minded people or for people to learn more about esoteric subjects and I am on the Committee. It helps to raise funds for local good causes, the ones that usually slip through the net and people who attend learn something too so its a win win situation. Bear with me will get it sorted out so that you can have a play.

    Take care




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