Sunday, 22 August 2010

This morning...

This morning, I have woken to golden sunbeams blazing through the windows and infecting every nook and cranny with joy, instead of rain which we have had on and off for the past few days, but we needed the water to freshen up this world of ours.  Sunshine makes me feel happy it soothes us all like balm infecting everyone with a better mood.  This bodes well for the day which is going to be busy and another family orientated one.

Even though we live in the city there is a certain kind of peace that descends every so often and  you can simply be in the moment.  Its rare here but we do get it, whereas in the countryside it does not take as much finding. 

I hope you have a lovely day wherever you are.  Missy needs a walk am going to see whether can wrinkle OH out of bed so that we can stretch her legs.

Catch you all later



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