Sunday, 8 August 2010

Update on the bottle fetish

For those of you wishing to enter into this "bottle and jar fetish" that I seem to have inadvertently engaged in along the road of "learning preserving" these are the bottles that I referred to the other day which are ideal for Elderflower Champagne and Ginger Beer.  These size bottles normally cost over £3 per bottle, but buying them off the shelf with contents included they cost the princely sum of £1.50 per bottle.  I obtain mine from Waitrose.  The contents are pretty good too.  I aim to have a healthy supply of these bottles for my next venture into Elderflower Champagne next year in readiness.  It will also mean that I will be able to make my Ginger Beer on a regular basis too. 

Also very useful are the traditional Grolsch type bottles with the kind of pressure lever on the top to keep the contents secure (the same as on the lemonade bottles that I have just bought) so if you get a chance of acquiring them do so they are extremely useful.

Here's a photo of the bottles that I bought on Friday.  Sorry about the quality done in rather a hurry.  Case of less haste more speed, but you will get the jist.  It is the French Pop made by Lorina Pink Lemonade and Sicillian Lemon Lemonade.


  1. those Lorina bottles are the ones i used to buy and saved for my elderflower drinks. I dont have a waitrose near me here so I havent been able to get any more but the dozen or so I have are hoarded carefully and brought out each year!

    Leanne x

  2. Leanne, just a thought I note from going on the Waitrose website that if you order comes to £50 or more you get free delivery. How about speaking to some friends and every so often placing a combined order for items that you particularly want. [ like Sarah did with the wholefoods thing Suma I think it was called]I was thinking that if 5 of you clubbed together (Or more or less)[that would work out at a tenner apiece] and you are getting those bits delivered that you like or would not necessarily get access too [that would be 6 bottles for £9. Obviusly you one of you would pay on behalf of everyone (but only after you had received all the payments so if you are paying by card or cheque you have cleared funds. The same for one delivery address and then everybody comes and collects thier bits from the delivery address. Just a thought.




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