Wednesday, 15 September 2010

2010.09.15 My Day

Brrgh autumn  seems to be well and truly with us, the first of the cold weather seems to be manifesting itself. Today started with grey skies and a blustery wind.  About mid-day the sun actually escaped for a little while  but had gone in again by the time it was my lunch time.    These fluctuations in the weather don't do my arthritis much good and trigger episodes so I haven't been too clever today.  I am off to see the Consultant next week, so hopefully they will be able to get a different medication control in place rather than steroids which I am still on.
Because it has been cold  I wanted something nice and warm for tea tonight.  As a consequence we have had lamb shanks with mint gravy, boiled potatoes, french beans, cauliflower, calabrase, and peas with lashings of mint gravy, followed by treacle sponge and custard. Scrummy  - reinforcements for cold weather and not bad going as all ready within an hour of getting home and served on the table (I was home for 6.00 p.m.)

I have a stew on the go as well in the slow cooker.  I started it off last night, but often find the flavours develop more if the slow method of cooking is undertaken so will probably end up having that on Friday night when I get home from work.  Served with Champ it should be a quick warm meal for a Friday night with some chunky bread to soak up the gravy.  That's the best bit - the gravy.  You get all the flavour with proper gravy.  I might put on a home made rice pud tomorrow night to have for Friday tea as well
I am getting cravings to have a proper baking day but that won't happen this weekend as on Saturday I am off to help my mum clear her attic out with my baby brother.  She is having a new central heating system fitted and they need to go in the attic so we have been asked (my bruv and I) to go and assist.  Plus it means we get to spend time with each other and with my nephews which is all very positive from my point of view.  

Both of my nephews are very well balanced youngsters.  The eldest has not long had his GCSE results.  He received one lot of exam results early.  We hadn't appreciated that this was for A level results.  He is only 16.  It turns out that he has passed with flying colours an IT exam at A level with a B grade some 2 years early.  He had aready got four GCSE's having been entered for a couple the past couple of years on the trot.  He was also entered for a further 9 GCSE's this year.  He wants to be a Doctor and he got A* Grades in both Chemistry and Physics the rest are all A grade passes and his lowest result was French Grade B, so we are all extremly proud and pleased for him.  Fortunately he is at a very good grammar school which elicits the best from all of its students.  My younger nephew has also gone to the same school so fingers crossed in a few years time he will do well also.  

Well I had better get on, I have lots of things to do yet.

Catch you all later




  1. it is spring in my zone, but today is cold windy and very very wet (again) can i come to dinner please, as i could do with some nice warm food. pud sounds good too. what is "champ"?

  2. Hi Brenda,


    Champ is an Irish dish of mashed potato with the addition of spring onions, milk and butter. As per below:

    To cook champ, peel and boil some new season potatoes (about a pound per person) until just cooked.

    Drain the potatoes and leave in a collander. Chop a bunch of Spring onions (bulbs and stalks) into half inch lengths and place in the empty pot. Cover with full-cream milk and bring it to the boil. Let it simmer for 3 minutes to allow the onion flavour to be released into the milk and then add the potatoes and a generous dollop of butter. Using a masher or wooden spoon, mash until smooth.

    Serve with Lamb or Pork for a true taste of the emerald isle.

    Its comfort food of the highest order and is also good with sausages and onion gravy. Its a good cheer up dish when you are on a downer, very simple to prepare and tastes really good.

    Thanks for popping by. Look forward to hearing from you again.



  3. Tricia, you ARE a one woman army when it comes to cooking. Amazing, you did all that in an hour! Stop by my new place when you can and say hi ;) Take care... ~ER~

  4. It really is autumn now isn't it? Your descriptions of food made me feel hungry:) I shall make some leek and potato soup for lunch today and I shall get my slow cooker out too, it's a good while since I last used it but this autumn and winter I shall bring it back into play again. Hope you are feeling better now, meant to comment a couple of days ago but having a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old around has limited my activities considerably!


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