Sunday, 10 October 2010

2010.10.10 My Day and Pattypan Mutterings

Was up early this morning, and today has been a different day all together, sunny, mild, just a slight breeze and best of all I haven't been cold.  However I think the temperature will drop again tonight - last night the wind was bitter round here.  We are slowly sinking deeper into the Fall or Autumn and slowly into winter.

We went to collect some more apples, to pass on to my mum for puddings etc, but I also bought some sloes back as well; these I am going to use in an apple and sloe jelly to ring the changes.  I shall get more rosehips and also some haws in a couple of weeks time when I go back. I have plenty of apples now to be getting on with things.  Had a nice time out and Missy had a really good run.  Have some plums to use up so I think that will be making apple and plum jelly and also apple and plum jam.  Have plenty of ordinary plum so this again will make a change and the jam pan is handy as it frees me up to do other things whilst I am making the jam.

Whilst out I had a good look around for greenery to use in Christmas decorations and I think I have located a handy source not too far from home so will be able to collect and do my own decorations in the run up to Christmas.  There are also some teasel heads which I am going to collect dry and spray with gold paint and then utilise in Christmas Decorations also with the use of some doilies, card, cord and ribbon.  Christmas is going to be on  have a go basis this year, I have the last week in November off and also a week of before Christmas week so I am hoping to get quite a lot done then as well as much preparatory work as possible completed in the coming weeks.  As I make things to put up will post the recipes that I am using in case any of you would like to have a go too.

During the week I popped into Lakeland as I had seen some ice cream moulds in the shape of snowflakes for £6.99 each.  These are silicone moulds but not for the oven. I have bought one of them, but they have some more bits and pieces which I would like to obtain i.e. the chocolate pan in the shape of Santa Claus etc.  I went on to the website as they have a snowflake cake pan which I am quite interested in.  They have a Christmas catalogue on line which is not in our local shop yet. I suggest that everyone has a look as they have some shortbread clay moulds in the shape of Santa Claus' head, Christmas bauble cooking cutters, Ginger bread men, sweetie moulds for sugar or chocolate mice, shortbread moulds, brownie pans, popover pans, shortbread dishes, etc. etc. Sweetie moulds.  There are quite a lot of nice items to come.  Can't wait go on like you won't be sorry

I also have picked up some sweet moulds from the local pound shop two different designs oval and heart shaped at £1 each so have 4 of these to play with sweetmaking in the run up to Christmas as well. It might be worth you checking out your local pound store to see whether they offer these or something similar (photos to follow).

I have had a splitting headache most of the afternoon so haven't done much as a result, ah well will just have to start tomorrow if am up to it. I keep going shivery and cold too.

Take care wherever you are tomorrow is another day




  1. Hope you are feeling better. A headache, shivery and cold sounds like the start of something horrid though I hope I'm wrong.

  2. So fortunate of you to be coming back home with some fruit and veg. I envy the sound of your sloes.

    Lakeland is a great temptation. I always see something I want there. Am being very good this year.


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