Sunday, 17 October 2010

2010.10.16 My Day

Its been a cold un here in Peterborough today although we did have the sun out for a while and it looks as though its going to be a real cold one tonight with possibly the first night's frost.  Brggh don't do the cold. 

I have been trying to tidy the house up today and seem to be failing miserably I have done lots it just doesn't look like it.  Will all come together in the end I suppose.  Although I have done a load of tomatoes passata style to bottle for the larder cupboard. Over 6lb in weight for £3 and it makes a good base for a pasta sauce or for a tomato soup.   Its cooling at the moment and the dishwasher is on with the bottles being sterilised .  All will have to do is then warm the passata up and add some lemon juice to each bottle and then should be able to water bath the jars before going up later on.  I am hoping I will get 6 or so jars (7 in total). The resulting passata is not strongly flavoured but it is tasty and good and I know that it has no nasties in plus it hasn't cost me very much to produce and it gives me at least a couple of uses which gives you more flexibility in planning and preparing meals from your store.

I have been to the veg shop bought 6lb plus of tomatoes, some pears, stew veg, turnips leeks more peaches dates persimmons, cauliflower, shallots, red onions so am now well stocked up again.  With this cold weather need plenty of good food to keep you warm. I also have plenty of apples to use up too. I intend to bottle quite a few of these as they are good for puddings but also apple sauce to accompany

I have never used persimmons before so I am going to have a go at making some persimmon jam and see how it turns out.  Sounds exotic I hope am not going to be disappointed.

Have had baked caemembert cooked in the oven with french bread, onion chutney, and celery for tea. very scrummy. It goes all gooey and yummy.  I like that sort of dunk and dip food.

Because it has been cold have had the heating on for a little while and ended up with a water leak in the large radiator in the  little back bedroom. Only reason found out was in the kitchen and water was coming down the wall cupboards and there is no evident pipework, so there was a rather rapid reaction, but have managed to slow the leak for now.  Will get drained tomorrow when we can see what we are doing

After all that excitement had a lazy sit down evening for a change watching  The Pillars of the Earth which is the new historical series that started at 9.00 p.m. on Channel 4.  Extremely good and a very good cast.  Shall certainly be watching that again.

Intend to have an early start tomorrow as have loads to do.

Catch you all later on.



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