Sunday, 17 October 2010

Christmas Chutney

I have been making this chutney for the past couple of years and it is sweet rich and fruity with a spicy flavour.  This Chutney is one if you make it now it will give it time to mature and will be  ideal to give away as a small Christmas present.  Especially if you trim and decorate the jars up in pretty Christmas fabric together with a label giving suggestions on how and when to use it - and oh don't forget to put a use by date on as well.  Chutney usually keeps well so put a use by date of a year of making it on the jar.  You could also add a little recipe card as well.  I first found this recipe in a magazine quite some years ago and it was a couple of years before I tried it.  Unfortunately I cannot remember who provided the recipe for publication, so cannot give the usual commendations but it is a good recipe.

I have found that most people appreciate a couple of jars of something in this way as it is usually different i.e. you cannot buy it in the shops and they are usually much tastier.  I have in the past when I haven't been able to obtain fresh ginger used stem or crystallised ginger and this works just as well.

Ingredients :

1lb  plums - stoned
1lb pears peeled and cored
8oz cooking apples peeled and cored
8oz celery
1lb onions
1lb tomatoes skinned
4 oz raisins
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
2 tablespoon of pickling spice
1 1/2 pints cider vinegar
1lb sugar


Chop up the plums pears and apples celery and onions; cut the tomatoes into quarters and then place all these ingredients together in a pan with the raisins and ginger. (I use a maslin pan/preserving pan)
Measure out the pickling spice and then pop this into a square of muslin, secure with string.  Add to the pan with half of the vinegar and bring to the boil.  Cook gently for about 2 hours giving the mixture the occasional stir so it doesn't stick.

Whilst this is cooking sterilise some jars and lids in usual fashion.  When all the ingredients are tender stir in the remaining vinegar and the sugar .  Boil until thick.  Remove the bag of spices and fill each hot sterilised jar with chutney.  Cover with lid. Label when cold.
Makes approximately 4 to 4 1/2 lb.

Serve with cheese, pate, and cold meats.  Nice with caemembert and also with goats cheese.  Its also a lovely colour especially if you use the dark red blood plums  - very christmassey. We eat with our eyes first so something that looks really attractive appeals even more.


  1. This sounds yummy. Can you miss out the celery or swap this with something else?

    Thank you.

    Little clanger (jane)

  2. Yes you can Jane just add a little more apple i.e. 8oz or one of the other ingredients or you could just leave it out altogether. Celery is not to everyone's taste,but it does add something to the flavour. I tend to be a little organic with the recipes when I make them anyway so I do dip around with the measures depending on what I have to hand. The recipe is one I make regularly and the family seem to like it.

    Enjoy making it - thats all part of it putting lots of love and a little magic into everything.

    Take care





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