Sunday, 3 October 2010


Its a cold wet miserable day here today in Peterborough the sort of long endless autumn day that I detest.  Its even greyer as I have got up to find that Poppy has passed to the summerlands in her sleep. That's a blessing for her but I am mourning her, but celebrating her at the same time. 

Poppy came to me with her brother as a stray.  Their owner had moved and left them behind a brother and a sister.  I had too many cats at the time but they camped out in my greenhouse and I had bedding in there for them and they used to get fed every day.  They were so trusting the pair of them.  Her brother definitely formed an attachment to me and unfortunately followed me round to the shop one day, crossed the road and got knocked over.  He was still alive but had been left for dead.  We took him to the vet who indicated that he had sustained brain damage and it was kinder to have him euthanised.  As Poppy had always been with her brother we took her in that night and she had been with us ever since.  We think she was about 20 years of age so had quite a good life

Quite a character a gentle female on the face of things but quite ferocious if her temper got up.  We used to refer to her as a poodle on legs because her coat was quite thick and fluffy. Tyson and her were quite close as was Squeak with her in later days.

RIP Poppy.


  1. I'm really sorry that you've lost Poppy but she had the gentlest passing possible and had a long life. It's still sad to lose a feline friend though.

  2. I am so sorry tricia, sending hugs to you,she had a good long life in your care.

    Leanne x


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