Saturday, 27 November 2010

First Snow this Winter

Morning everyone, we like many others have had the first of the winters snow, 

It was terribly cold last night - and we had the heating on, so it was nice and warm.  I went out to a friends for the evening, literally over the road at about 7.30 did not roll in until midnight, but had a lovely time with her. There was no snow then.  We think it must have snowed somewhere between then and about 2.00 p.m. as I had not long been in bed when I had to get up again.  I poked my nose through the window then and there was quite a thick covering of snow, without a footprint on it.  By 7.00 p.m. it was covered both sides of the street on the pavements with loads of footprints impregnated into the snow. There is still a light scattering but it appears to be melting, which if it freezes like it did last night will be nasty on the roads and underfoot.

It looks as though its the start of another cold winter.

Keep safe and warm wherevever you may be




  1. We've had our first snow as well, there was nothing when we walked back from the TOADS play last night about 10pm but about an inch and a half this morning. Looks nice but it's thawing slightly and as you say is likely to be a bit lethal tonight.

  2. We have really had all sorts in the past few days! Right now all of our snow has melted, but there is supposed to be more on the way and the wind here is horrendous!

    I am so cautious on the slick surfaces . . . just getting my back into good nick again, don't need any slips or slides :-D

    Keep warm & safe *H*


  3. same here, very very cold, and the first snow. the hens went to bed early, all cats in and cosy, and we arent going anywhere tonight!

    Leanne x

  4. On our TV news last night it reported that the UK was having some snow. So far, we had yet to have any, but the wind has been cold today.
    Keep warm


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