Friday, 19 November 2010

General Update

Hello everyone, sorry haven't been around too much was off work all last week with an extremely bad cold.  I do try and keep clear of them, but some kind soul bought it into the office.  Because I have a wonky auto immune system, if I get a cold or infection I tend to get it double whammy and find it hard to shift.  Needless to say I spent most of last week in bed fast asleep (when you sleep you heal and my middle name is doormouse).

Have been back at work this week and I am keeping my fingers crossed but I am hoping that am near enough at the end of it ( I don't make a good patient at the best of times) and as I keep saying to colleagues if they chop me in half and remove the bottom half should be okay.
Its been very cold this week even the cats haven't stayed out very long and have quickly come in and snuggled up in their usual spots and I can't say that I blame them.On a cold winters night its nice to get cosy and the animals give so much unconditional love and are good at keeping you calm.

However, other areas of the country have had far worse weather than us, but at least we are not flooded like those in Cornwall.  My thoughts go out to all those affected.  I hope you are all soon dry and warm again.

Today has been foggy  -  a real pea souper, foggy fowl and cold.  I am glad I am in the house - I am lucky.

I have had a blanket on the go for some 9 months plus which I don't seem to have got to the end of.  So out came the weapons of choice (the knitting needles) and I have been knitting like the clappers all week.  The throw/blanket is knitted in squares, of different lilacs and purple shades.  The coloured squares are worked and I am now working through the plain white ones I have a minimum of 10 to do (might do some more will see how it goes) and I am working no 5. square. Knitting is not really my forte. I am a plain basic knitter and I seem to be neat, but it doesn't grow as much as crotchet does.  So knitting for me is very much a discipline.  I thought that if I got this one done for Christmas or just after I would be able to start knitting some throws in green and white and red and white for Christmas throws for next year.  Its handy to have something that you can make piecemeal as it makes use of any available time where you can do a few rows, and not feel as if you are not using any time available productively.  The bonus is you actually end up with something very individual for the home or if making clothes,and individual item of clothing.  Hopefully soon I will then be able to show you photos of the finished throw.  I aim to get this out of the way so that I can then go on to one of my crotchet throws/bedspreads and get them out of the way too.  So I have a lot of work to do.  I easily get distracted or bored with what I am making.  So now its clear up time, before I start anything else. Then I can get them safely put up in readiness to be used.    

I want to start making some clippie/proddy rugs out of  old jeans.  Have started cutting the pieces, but actually working it is sometime off.  I have never done this before so it will be a strong learning curve when I actually start the working of.  My Nan always used to make at least a couple of clippie/proddie rugs in any one year.,  There was always one in front of the Rayburn.  I want to make some for the dining room/kitchen.  I also have my eye on making some out of recycled clothes in shades of white, purples and lilacs for the bedroom.  Will have to see how we get on.  I am primarily thinking of making something relatively cheaply that is individual.  Thought that these would go well with the blanket/throw am knitting at the moment.  Will have to start resourcing various bits and bobs from the charity shops.  Just ideas at the moment, but I hope to bring them alive shortly.

Catch up with everyone again shortly.
Take care wherever you may be

Pattypan (aka Tricia)


  1. Glad you are feeling better, I have been able to avoid the bugs going around, so far, hope it continues.
    It's beginning to get cold here now, we had a few flakes of snow last night, not looking forward to this winter, the first on my own.

  2. Sorry to hear you've not been well :( Hope that any other 'bugs' going round will pass you by!

    I don't know about 'clippie' rugs, but when I was young we had a 'travelling salesman' who always had some 'rag rugs' that his wife had made...they were braided and either oval or circular. I should look into it and see how it's done!

    Take good care~


  3. So pleased to see that you have dropped by, welcome to my blog.

  4. So pleased that you're feeling better Tricia. I used to help my Nan make these rugs - I wish Mom had kept one of them...Nan used to make them with cut up strips of woolen fabric (old coats) and the backing was boiled sacking that she would mark the pattern on in wax crayon, they never wore out. One day I'll have a go :o)

    I'd like to say what a lovely surprise this morning to see your smiling face added to my followers! Welcome Trica :o)

    Have a great Sunday,

    Rose H

  5. Hello ladies

    Thank you all for you best wishes. I had a little time to play yesterday (which is not very often)so I have been looking at all your lovely blogs and adding you to my browser list, so I won't miss any of your posts in the future.

    My Nan always had at least two clippie rugs made in any one year (some were given as presents). She was a cook at the logcal junior school but when that job went she went to work at a ladies knitwear factory in the village where she lived. She used to bring all the waste knitted pieces back in a range of wonderful colours and make lovely thick rugs to go in front of the Rayburn in the kitchen and also in front of the fire in the dining room. They were always worked on hessian potato sacks. Once the rug was past its best it used to be put on the compost heap and because it was natural materials i.e. wool and hessian it used to wrot away and help to make the compost so it was completely organic. As I understand it people used whatever they had left over by way of old clothing to create and recycle these mats but they were usually all natural fibres i.e. cotton or wool. The front room always had a proper wool rug in front of it - usually made from a kit by My Nan as well. My early memories of my Nan was that she was always very busy and always on the go, she was always doing something.

    Take care everyone




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