Friday, 31 December 2010

Having a go

Sometimes its our state of mind that holds us back from doing things or having a go at doing something, basically because we are afraid of failure. This may be having a go at an intricate piece of embroidery or trying a new experience like doing a parachute drop.  We are all different and we all have our own lives to live, so what pleases one may not necessarily please another.  Thank goodness for the little differences as it would be completely boring if we were all the same.

However, in some circumstances methods of teaching employed in the past have had the emphasis on being correct and much fuss made if you got things wrong.  In many cases making you feel inadequate and small with the effect that because you have made yourself look such a pratt by getting things wrong that you just want to curl up in the nearest deepest darkest hole because you are so embarrassed.  Painful and public humiliation.  It doesn't help if you are painfully shy as it makes the experience even more excruciating, or by hearing your peers making unnecessary hurtful comments as a result (because they think they are being clever- never quite remembering that it could easily happen to them).   It is made out to be a bad thing making mistakes - the emphasis is nearly always on winning and being a success.  However logically, we have to make mistakes (usually large ones in my case) to properly learn your way around things, to check out the full parameters and to find your way around things.   Also what has to be taken into account is that each of us learns very differently to another.

So next time you make a right pratt of yourself, put a positive emphasis on things, it will make you feel better about yourself and about trying new experiences.  You need the ying and the yang to balance things out and its the same with learning getting things right boosts your confidence but making mistakes is a strong learning curve, and  you will be all the better for making them.  So don't let mistakes hold you back from having a go - because this only leads you limiting yourself and your experiences.  Each time you have a go you are practicing and as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

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