Monday, 6 December 2010

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone and sorry I have been absent for so  long but have been away for a week staying with OH's sister in Birmingham.  We travelled up in our ever faithful van on Saturday week and had problems with the van on the way up.  In fact it was quite an eventful journey.  OH used the Sat Nav and it took us well out of our way and we were later arriving than we anticipated.  The van nearly shuddered to a halt on the motorway section and we struggled to get to his sister's in one piece.  We had gone up to the German Market, which we went to on the Sunday afternoon/evening and had a brilliant time.  Anything that revolves around good food and good company nearly always gets my vote.  Needless to say if sis invites us up will be going again.  We have had a lovely time and a good rest, eaten lots of different foods, paid visits to different food establishments and generally had a good time.  Needless to say the cats were pleased to have us back last night although they have been well cared for whilst I have been away they get into a routine with feeding and with fuss.  Squeak has not moved far from me since we came home.  At the moment she is pretending to snooze as she is sat next to me on the settee.

The weather has been bitter and very cold and there has been plenty of the white stuff.  This in part delayed our return home until yesterday on safety issues rather than anything else.  Also we had to get the van looked at and repaired, but hopefully now that has been settled.  To make matters worse when we got home yesterday the key to the van broke and we have had to fork out about £80 to get a replacement key today.

Anyway, where was I - oh yes I have the book draw to do, but please forgive me if I do that tomorrow night.  So tune in then to find out who has been the lucky recipient. I am a bit at sixes and sevens at the moment and  I am tired as have been doing housework and the washing from our holidays and was the first day back at work today.  Bit of a shock to the system.  I am on holiday again from the end of the week this time at home to primarily get ready for Christmas, get the house bottomed out the decorations up and anything else that needs doing.

I have just popped outside to pop some bits into the recycling and it is bitter there is a very white frost on the dustbin lids and neighbouring roofs and the roads look very slippery.  So please take care wherever you are.

Catch you all tomorrow.

Take care wherever you are




  1. welcome back tricia!

    Leanne x

  2. I was wondering where you were, glad it was something fun keeping you offline. The German Christmas market sounds good. Think there is something similar in Sheffield atm but haven't been into the town centre since it snowed so don't know for sure. May venture in tomorrow.

  3. It's nice to go away and do something differnt but also nice to get back home again. Glad you had a greattime.
    We are in the midst of a snow storm, two feet on the ground and another forecast for the next 48 hours. UGRRRRRR
    Keep warm

  4. We've no snow here atm, but do have the bitter cold and freezing fog at times too. Do take care when you're out and about! :-)

    Enjoy your Christmas preps *H*


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