Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hi everyone, I hope everyone has had a very good Christmas, enjoyed their food and with being with family, and friends and generally had a good time.  Above some of my Christmas decorations.  I just wish could do something with the obsolete gas fire - its not connected, but living in rented, our hands are somewhat tied.

Things were a tad hectic here before the event with me not having done my shopping or got my Chrimbo decorations up (despite having a week off just before).  All I can say is the best laid plans of mice and men etc - probably a post on not how to do things would possibly be more appropriate - but it isn't going to happen next year.  I was trying to avoid the pre-Christmas stress and all the charging around associated with doing things last minute - but circumstances were against me.  To add insult to injury I had told OH to get Pork Pie, Sausagemeat etc from our usual supplier and he dilly dallied.  Then at the last minute decided to go and could not get his Pork Pie he got stressy but  - there was nothing could do about it (It has been a tradition for the past 23 years that he has Pork Pie for his breakfast on Christmas Day - something his parents started).

However up the tree did go and the front room decorated all on Christmas Eve together with the present shopping etc.  Needless to say I was slightly shattered come Christmas Day - but there was only just me, the OH, Missy, Tyson and Squeak.  We had a late Christmas Lunch - but thoroughly enjoyed it, although the Sausage meat, and bacon were not from our usual supplier.   The Turkey was delicious - and very moist and was served with roast parsnip, roast sweet potato and roast potatoes, cauliflower, peas, carrots and brussels.  I had cooked one of my Christmas puddings but we could not manage it as we were both full.

Boxing day started early for me as I wanted to get completely sorted as my mum came for lunch.   She had spent Christmas Day and Christmas Day evening at my brother's home.

We had a lovely time and I served Roast Beef, with Roast Potatoes, Parsnips and Sweet Potato with cauliflower, broccoli, spring cabbage, peas and carrots together with Yorkshire Pud (it grew like topsy and was massive overspilled the pan and rose very high).  I served the home made Elderflower Fizz and mum loved it.  It was very refreshing.  We also had home made Christmas pudding together with Rum sauce and that was really delicious.  I was worried as I had changed my normal recipe, but I think I am going to stick with the changes for next Christmas as well.
We had a very pleasant time and I think my mum enjoyed herself; I just wish I could do more than I can for her at present; I try and do what I can.

Today we have had a very quiet day just not doing very much and we have had cold meats home cooked ham and Turkey and cheese served with home made peach and ginger chutney, pickled onions, picalilli, home cured gherkins and it was lovely.  (I must just mention here that I don't eat gherkins or picalilli so don't really know what they should taste like, but OH seemed to think that they were very delish, so I am well chuffed).  We then had a bowl of mandarin jelly with mandarin oranges in, served on individual meringues and fresh cream.  It was very refreshing and also a light meal especially after the two big meals of the past few days.
The animals seem to have been content, Tyson has stayed in for the best part in the warm and he Missy and Squeak seem to have been getting on extremely well - Tyson has been showing his softer side even going so far as letting out his inner kitten the other night playing tag with everyone.

I hope you have all had a brilliant time.  Just take care wherever you are and be safe.



  1. Sounds as if you've had a lovely holiday, Tricia :) While I really do enjoy the 'meals' over Christmas/New Year, I have to say that "leftovers" and buffet style is my favourite!

    Take good care~

  2. I agree that's always the best bit and its the bit that got me interested in pickling etc. in the first place. But then again I am a foodie. Hope you also had a very good Christmas.


  3. Tricia, It's so nice to finally get a peek into your nest. Just as I thought, lovingly decorated, cozy and from the heavens, as usual :) My holidays were hectic as well, but so well worth it this year. It just all came together...and that's a first for me! Enjoying the snow falling at the moment and hubby on a 2 week vacation. Once he's back to work next week, I plan on posting my holiday cheer. Blessings to you, glad to hear you're well :)


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