Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010.01.03 My Day

I had a bit of a lay in this morning, after a lovely few days away but was still well up before the OH, just me and the cats, and Missy seeing to their relevant breakfasts and that if they wanted out to be let out.  Then the screaming at the back door or barking because they want in again.  Its official sometimes animals are far more demanding than children. 
I then spent a pleasurable few hours researching some items for the blog this year, some new ideas and well at least new things to me and lots of recipes to have a go at.  I love road testing recipes - seeing whether or not they are to my liking and then once I get used to them putting my own twist on things.

My friend's partner then came over as she had had a bad night and she has since been admitted to hospital.  As her partner had a stroke a while back and as I was cooking anyway I plated up a hot meal for him for when he came back to make sure that he was looked after.  I am just hoping that my friend is okay.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.  Its very worrying when things like this happen.

We had a roast beef dinner with roast potatoes, roast parsnip, roast sweet potato with rosemary, peas, broccoli,carrots mashed potato and yorkshire pudding.  It was very tasty.  Not long after my friend's partner came back - hospital are keeping her in overnight but they could not find anything wrong although her leg and ankle are badly swollen as is her stomach and abdomen and it is painful to the touch.  So will have to wait and see what happens, but at least now he has had his tea.

I then spent another couple of hours just browsing and surfing the Internet - didn't feel up to much today, but I have quite a few things to do now am back home.  Tomorrow evening it is the Christmas Decorations that have to be taken down. and repacked away.  At least I got them up but next year is going to be very different.  

Wednesday evening I am out  for the evening.  

Thursday evening could be the night that I have a go at Pam Corbin's Apple and Pear Cheese which is on the River Cottage website.  I have been meaning to have a go at this one for a while and I have the pears and the apples so this looks promising as a starting point.

I didn't manage to get myself a pocket diary last year and I was lost without it.  This time I have one, but I still need to get myself a large page a day diary to organise my time a lot better than I have been.  I have a lot to do this year - some of it heavy duty sorting to free up more space and get some of the items that I have part started completed as well.  There are also a couple of new projects that I would also like to start primarily a sampler "To every season there is a rhyme and reason under heaven" and I must admit that I am itching to get this started, and probably work a little bit every night so that it builds up slowly and I don't get bored and lose interest in it.  

I am back to work tomorrow in any event (I worked two days last week in between Christmas and New Year).  But I have enjoyed my break and despite all the phrenetic activity to start with in getting things done I have managed to relax a little.  But next year is going to be totally different.  Too little time so much to do.

Take care everyone



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  1. I'm looking forward to all of your new endeavours and do hope that your friend is improving.


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