Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011.01.09 My Day

I had a lay in yesterday and this morning as I have not been feeling too good again.  This really cold weather is getting into my bones again and I am having trouble walking and getting comfortable in bed. The bulk of the pain is emanating from my lower back into the tops of my thighs and the only way to describe it is that my bones hurt.  All I can do is rest and try and keep warm when I have one of these sessions. I have though tried to get on.  I started tidying the back bedroom out yesterday that is going to take sometime as we don't go in there very often and some of the boxes have collapsed and the contents spilled out.  So its time consuming more than anything, but I intend to get really stuck in during the course of the week so if you don't hear anything from me please do not panic.

Pennies are tight again so I am trying to use up what I have in the house with just adding the odd item here and there. I am luckier than most as I have lots of things to hand - more than some, but sometimes you just can't take a fancy to anything.  That's when I really go simple and back to old favourites.  During the week I cooked a gammon and gave it a coating of white sugar, clementine juice, and honey and it has been delicious.  We had it hot with onion sauce and a few carrots and mashed potato.  For the rest of the time we have been having it cold - yesterday with home made chips and chutney and bread and butter and fried egg.  Simple filling fare that goes a long way.  There is still plenty left enough for sandwiches, for eating with pickles and chutneys.

Today we have had tasty mushroom pot - the balance is going to my step-daughter to try  there are enough mushrooms left to add to something else.  May make some mushroom soup.

This evening instead of a roast we have had cannelloni stuffed with Ragu and interleaved with Spinach covered in cheese sauce and it was extremely tasty.  I have plenty of pasta in the house which I am trying to use up, but another time will make the cannelloni myself.  Extremely simple but oh so tasty.

All hot and bubbling straight from the oven.

All ready for eating

Am pleased to see that Larkrise to Candleford is back on the television.  Decent Sunday night viewing again.  OH upstairs watching Wild at Heart which he likes on television upstairs.

I think this week is going to be simple homely food including a couple of batches of soup, creamed pumpkin, and Minestrone, Soda bread, (ideal for dunking into soup)  Malt Loaf, home made meatballs with home made tomato passata, ordinary bread and some buns.  Oh and carrying on tidying the back bedrooms and getting them sorted. I have a lot to do, but need to keep well fed  as it keeps us warm.  Think it will be porridge tomorrow for breakfast  and tomorrow nights tea looks like it will be the rest of the Cannelloni.  Might even make some puddings this week like chocolate bread and butter pudding, Eves pudding,  or saucy Lemon pudding to follow. I'm getting hungry and my mouth is watering  just thinking about things, all with things I already have in.  Scrummy.

Take care and I hope your week is a good one.



Take care till the

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