Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cooking Evening

Unusually for a weekday evening after cooking our evening meal which simply consisted of steak and ale pie, mashed potato with butter and lots of home made gravy - comfort food I decided to do a little bit of baking for the tins.  Haven't done too much and have been backwards and forwards watching the TV as well but have managed to make 18 chocolate chip cookies, and two batches of sweet scones.  OH is here during the day and often requires something to snack on so I think that they will soon go.  I have some dough in the breadmaker to make some dinner rolls for packups etc as well, so hopefully that will not take too long. (I have yet to shape and bung in the oven).  Just fancied a spell in the kitchen for a change and I have got all the washing up done as well.

Need to do this more often will no doubt have a baking splurge at the weekend.

Well here it goes the buzzers beeping.

Catch up later 


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  1. Snap. I've done some baking too. Not as much as planned as gardening got in the way, but some nice mince and potato pasties for tea, and a big apple and gooseberry crumble.

    Tomorrow it's time to do a cake and some bread.


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